Annieglass, Going Strong

Annieglass, Going Strong

Today, we celebrate women like Annie, our fearless leader, and all you brilliant women who buy Annieglass!! We are honored to announce Annie is the 2022 recipient of The Santa Cruz Artist of the year!

Congratulations Annie!!!!

Annie was interviewed by Bloomingdales for International Women’s Day:

What inspired the creation of Annieglass? My first trip to Europe, visiting the catacombs and museum collections I was inspired to recreate the sense of timelessness ancient artifacts have. I saw the beauty of their imperfection and was inspired to translate it some way into glass. That is how the original collection came about named Roman Antique in 1983.

As an artist, what drew you to glass as a medium? It was love at first sight. I was immediately hooked once I saw a glassblower under a full moon at the beach. It combined art, craft, and movement. I was studying art and dance at the time. 

What influenced some of your favorite collections? A hammered metal bracelet inspired the Edgey collection. I wondered if I could actually take a ball peen hammer to the edges of thick glass to get the same effect and I did! Once it was fired in the kiln with 24k gold luster over the hammered part I was joyful at how scary beautiful it was. It was attractive but edgey. That is where the name came from.

Do you have a go-to entertaining tip? I put anything and everything on one of my pedestal cake plates: Edgey, Ruffle or Roman Antique and it looks stunning. A hunk of cheese, salami, earthy looking whole grain crackers, sprinkle some nuts across and don’t forget the olives. Decorate with a sprig of something green.

Can you tell us a bit about your sustainability initiatives? I participated in the first Earth Day when I was in junior high. I have been recycling ever since, so it was only natural to do it at Annieglass. By combining modern technology with ancient glassmaking techniques, I have been able to reduce glass waste to nearly zero. Any leftover is melted into the beautiful Elements collection of upcycled glass trays and trivets accented with 24k gold.

Our firing techniques have been refined for the minimum use of energy. Passive solar and generous sky lighting provides additional savings. Biodegradable and alternative packaging materials are used in shipping. 

How do you balance commerce and sustainability? Everyone has a responsibility to do their work with integrity, for themselves, for one another and the planet. The well-being of the people that work here, our customers and community are always the first priority.  This isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. As long as I am creating beautiful glass, I’m happy. My daughter Ava brings her own insights for a new generation of leadership.

Some of Annie's Favorite Pieces